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Legal Notice

Information as per §5 E-Commercegesetz

Principal office

Lambda Labs e.U.
Franckstraße 33
8010 Graz

phone: +43 (0) 664 86 17 965
e-mail: moc.sbal-adbmal@ofni

Statutory representative: Reinhard Nell
Commercial register count: Graz
Commerial register: FN312490w
Tax number: 332/2366
VAT identification number: ATU 64241458
EORI-No: ATEOS-1000030044

Data protection regulations

  1. Scope
    This information about your data protection describe all the valid data protection regulations for the LL website regarding personal data so far as not contractually agreed otherwise by writing with you.
  2. Basics of the information management and its alternation
    Serving as a basis for our customer relationship management Lambda Labs (LL) applies defined regulations for its information management. Alternations of this regulations will be published on this website linked here.
  3. Which personal data is stored by LL?
    So far as customers get in contact with us, you possibly name steadily personal data such as, your name, company, telephone number, e-mail address or different. For marketing purposes or improvement of the navigation on our website LL stores IP-addresses, Web-Browser and reference data.
  4. What does LL with the collected data?
    If you fill out forms and input fields or download data, LL will use this information for statistical in-company polls. LL will sent periodical e-mails to the persons registered for the newsletter and provide information about new products, product improvements, appointments for product presentations and training courses. On demand of a subscriber, the editing, correcting or total deletion of his personal data from our database will follow by writing that desire to moc.sbal-adbmal@ofni, alternatively he can revoke his approval to the contact support in the heading news/newsletter just like the procedure to subscription.
  5. Will LL remit the personal data collected?
    LL will not remit subscriber’s personal data to external third parties. However LL can remit personal data to his distributors and to our worldwide staff offices, to provide regional, individual high-end service. In doing so, personal data collected in forms or input-fields will probably be remitted cross-border, insofar as if it might be on his putative interest. We expressively disassociate ourselves from handling personal data illegally in any way.
  6. Data-protection disclaimer
    LL assumes absolutely no liability for the data protection regulations and contents of other websites, which might me linked up or from our site.

Legal disclaimer

  1. Disclaimer of liability for orthographical misspelling or other incorrect information
    Lambda Labs (LL) assumes no liability for orthographical misspelling or other incorrect information to the illustrated contents on this website. LL assumes, that the contents and information illustrated on its website are correct and solid. However errors can’t be excluded, LL assumes absolutely no liability or guaranty for any provided Information or data. LL doesn’t assume any guaranty or warranty, either expressed or implied, for any with the LL website related aspects and linked contents, including, but not solely the tacit guaranty with regard to marketability, applicability for a particular purpose and non-infringement of proprietary rights and further rights insofar as excludable legally in the given case. LL reserves the right to alter the data of products and services on its website to current or future customers. Further LL does certainly not assume liability for direct or indirect damages, incidental or consequential and special damages which might result from the usage of the data provided directly or indirectly on its website or on the internet at all.
  2. References and links
    LL disassociates itself expressively from the contents of other websites, that might link up from or to its website. Take note, that LL has no influence on the contents of other websites that are not in its ownership. LL informs you hereby, that to the relevant date of linking up from its website to other websites, those contained no illegal contents. A reference or link up to a non-proprietary website doesn’t mean, that LL is liable for the contents or the user’s usage.
  3. Dealing with your data input on the Lambda Labs website
    All to LL sent data and input including customer’s feedback such as questions, annotations, suggestions and all other interactions will be dealt as not privileged. The data and input sent won’t raise any obligation for LL, and LL has the unrestricted right of usage, reproduction, dissemination and publishing of the data and input sent to it. All in the data incorporated ideas, concepts, methods and expert knowledge, LL is entitled to make use of it for own purposes, including, but not solely for the development, production and distribution of products based on that ideas, concepts or methods.
    However this will not apply on personal data, for which LL’s data protection regulations will be applied separately from the legal disclaimer. Personal data will be self-evidently dealt privileged in accordance with LL’s data protection regulations.
  4. On LL’s website provided software or Informative literature
    Each on the website provided software or informative literature for download or usage is copyrighted intellectual property of LL and/or their licensors. Each usage, duplication or spreading of it beyond the usual or designated field of application is strictly forbidden. The liability for it and its content is excluded as done in the above disclaimer of liability for orthographical misspelling or other incorrect information in digit 1. Excepted for the license agreement and warranty in the software, LL assumes no liability or warranty for software and materials provided by others, including the tacit guaranty regarding marketability, applicability for a particular purpose or non-infringement of proprietary rights, patent rights and further rights.
  5. Usage of the contents on the website
    Restrictions for usage, printing or spreading: As long as not indicated otherwise, you have the right to sift, copy, print and spread LL’s contents as long as: (1) this only happens for informational and non-commercial purpose; (2) each copy and each part contains the copyright advice “©Lambda Labs e.U.” and “All rights reserved” and; (3) no modification or manipulation is done to it; (4) Furthermore LL reserves the right to revoke that authorization, whereupon all further usage has to be forborne. LL expressively reserves all rights to internationally prosecute infringements against this restrictions of usage by civil and criminal law.
  6. Prices and availability
    For the website not usual but possible information about prices or availability may be changed without any announcement and are possibly not available in all countries. These information never constitute any concrete offer and shall never unfold any commitment regarding sale of goods law. On the LL’s website are possibly products, services and programs mentioned, which might not have been announced in your country yet. Out from that information can’t be extrapolated, that LL plans to announce or introduce these products, services or programs in your country. Furthermore LL’s website possibly points out future products. This products are still in a phase of development, their production shall never be guaranteed. Estimated dates of delivery or introduction regarding future products are only ballpark estimates without warranty.
  7. Other companies and their products
    The use and mention of other companies or their products on the LL’s website only serves as informational purpose and neither constitute any overt partnership nor a recommendation. Unless expressively declared otherwise, in case of doubt all products from other manufacturers have to be obtained from them, and all potential licenses and guaranties are subject of negotiation with the respective manufacturer.
  8. The usage of the website among minors
    Although advertising campaigns and marketing materials are G-granted, minors and children doesn’t number among our target group and are not asked to enter any data on the LL’s website. It is our desire, that parents or legal guardians surf the internet and websites on the internet together with their fosterlings. Visitors under eighteen are principally not allowed to enter and send any data on LL’s website, without the permission of their parents or legal guardians.