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From a post canteen to the Ferggies Club

Metamorphosis à la Lambda Labs

Where employees of the former Kempten’s post office went punctually to have their deserved lunch, now other rhythms determinate the local events. However different tastes have to be lived up to a standard. Not necessarily in a culinary but in a musical style. Since the complex rebuilding of the former post canteen to an exclusive nightlife address named “Ferggies” in the Bavarian Kempten, the location welcomes no further hungry officials, but several times a week up to 1000 nocturnal people from the city and suburbs that want to dance. On over two floor levels the club spoils its guests with noble ambience, modern technique and famous artists such as Jan Delay, DJ Tomekk, Denis the Menace, Niels van Gogh, Ying Yang Twins and a lot more. Dieter Fergg, owner of the Ferggies and old hand of Kempten’s gastronomy, feels obliged to his country and people: “For quite some time it was planned to enrich the college town, with its numerous further vocational school centres, for an attractive club. With my long experience in gastronomy I slightly know the people here. As the canteen became available, I knew this would be the right place to offer something really premium to the clientele.”

The club with its own limousine service has 3 bars on 2 dance floors, VIP-lounge and snack bar, surprising with extraordinary interior design and interesting lighting devices, which stages that premium ambience skillfully. A large glass front spans from one side to the other of the club and bribes with an additional view out front. “We went to great effort with all here. And of course with the sound system, too. There we took up some time. But this certainly should represent the club altogether and serve as a creative platform for the guests, but especially for the artists with audible and noticeable listening pleasure. I want that the artists find excellent possibilities for a superb performance here. Because that’s something the audience realizes”, Dieter Fergg reasons his decision.

Two TX-2 of the TX-series are flown vertically above the DJ booth and ever since provide precise, coloration-less and a very relaxed stereo sound, in order to perfect the signaling pathways form the beginning and to fulfil the high demands at the sweet spot. In two of the main floor room corners, right along the large glass front, four TX-3 where flown, each two in a 50+50 cluster which has a detailed and extraordinary spatial stereo picture as well as enough power in order to deliver the dance floor with uniformed frequency sound pressure levels. For the low frequencies the four TX-3 are augmented with four Digitalhorns, DH-18, installed in Directivity-Mode (D-Mode) from 90Hz downwards. The small distance to the tops herewith ensures an outstanding system impulse response. “The so much homogenous dispersion of the sound system is remarkable indeed, and I like it very much. It may happen, that I find time to walk through the full club on a night”, tells the club operator. “To get satisfied back to office on every occasion is wonderful, as we were quite a long way from that result at the startup. In test runs with other systems we had big problems with a resonating subceiling, which remained from the former usage. The glass front made us worry about the local residents, too. But the DH-18 concentrates the bass only there where we want to have it. And this even superbly low and with so much pressure.”

On the ground-floor at Ferggies, the club visitors cannot only relax while having a snack or consuming a drink on the bar below. A second DJ-booth with two flown TX-2A (active) invites to shake a leg right there and enlarges the free space up to the main floor in case of need. Dieter Fergg is glad: “The space indeed is a decisive factor. On the floor are fixedly installed tables and seating accommodations. On the ceiling there are the ventilation shafts and decoration. Not much space for a powerful and danceable sound system. But the TX-2A doesn’t only sound excellently, but even surrogates any space consuming subwoofers by using the fullrange mode with so much capacity on low frequencies. An indeed commercial efficiency, too.”

On thursday, friday and saturday the Ferggies opens its gates and looks forward to its visitants. Directions can be found directly on their homepage.

Technical Details

What 4 x TX-3   2 x TX-2   2 x TX-2A   4 x DH-18
Where Germany, Kempten, Ferrgies Club
Distributed by Lambda Labs
Installed by Lambda Labs
System setup by Lambda Labs