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Lambda Labs plays the 7 stages of Rostfest festival in Eisenerz Austria with over 66 speakers

The ROSTFEST ranks among the most innovative festivals in Austria. Under the headline “Festival for regional impulses” it has been a fixture of the town of Eisenerz (literally ‘iron ore’) at the heart of Styria since 2012.

The region is marked by change, empty buildings and migration of a disaffected younger population. To counter the arising social issues, new and groundbreaking impulses are necessary.

The town of Eisenerz, at the foot of the Erzberg, symbolizes the changes and migration in the area and was therefore chosen as the scene of the festival.

During the 1950s the growing mining industry led to a fourfold increase of the town's population within only a few decades. Today the population is down to 4000 people again.

Disused and abandoned spaces are opened up and filled with life for the ROSTFEST:

Bicycle races in an empty shopping mall, art happenings in public spaces, stages in different places, experiments and workshops, discussions, vernissages. Empty flats are converted into camping spaces. In the evenings, the town’s entire population gathers in for concerts, be it in the open or reopened spaces.

Lambda Labs, having already supported the festival in 2015, provided now in 2016 amplification for the festival’s 7 stages with more than 66 speakers. Hosts as well as artists like The Base or Hotel Rock‘n’Roll Band were comfortably looking forward to three very successful days of festival.

“The Rostlers extend a hearty thank you to our sound engineering partners for providing the outstanding Rostfest Sound with Lambda Labs.”

Lambda Labs would like to thank all partners for their friendly support.

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